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2013 Colorado Floods

Colorado’s recent floods

The recent flooding in September 2013 throughout Colorado’s front range (Boulder, Lyons, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Nederland, Evergreen, etc…) was unprecedented.  I wanted to do a quick blog to provide a couple resources regarding flood insurance.  Unfortunately in the most recent flooding the vast majority of homes had no insurance.  Many of the houses that were lost were not anywhere near flood zones.  It is still possible to buy flood insurance even if a home is not in a designated flood zone.  I recently inspected a property in Boulder, CO, the creek that paralleled the road normally was less than 12 inches wide, as a result of the 19 inches of continuous rain, this tiny creek became a raging river that at one point reached 12 feet wide and totally destroyed multiple houses, roads, etc…   The destruction was surreal.  Fortunately most only lost property.   Below is some additional information that should be useful for anyone impacted by the recent rains. Even if your property was not directly impacted by the recent floods, if you are in a low lying area or near a body of water, it might be worthwhile to look into additional flood coverage for your property.

Here is a link to Fema answering a number of frequently asked questions regarding flood insurance, coverage, etc…:

Here is a document with information on the new flood insurance reform act:Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act

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