Beer sales drop 8.4%, weed sales soar! Why? What about real estate?

I joke that the average person can only have so many vices and remain a functioning member of society.  There is not and endless demand for vices.  Adults will choose their preference and forgo alternatives.  This is a zero-sum game with winners and losers.  What impact will the increase in marijuana consumption have on other […]

Colorado population predicted to soar; could one city derail the growth?

Anyone who lives in Colorado or has visited knows “Colorado has been discovered”.  This has led to massive population gains and increased population going forward.  What does all this mean for real estate.  Could a small suburb of Denver, Lakewood, CO derail the growth trajectory via a new initiative? What is the initiative and how […]

Denver 1 of 4 cities ringing bubble alarm! What should you do today?

Corelogic recently highlighted 4 cities at risk of a bubble.  Denver was prominently mentioned with recent appreciation of 8.7%.  Is there really a bubble?  What is driving the “bubble?  Should you panic and sell today? If we look at the last collapse in real estate in 07/08 there were unique drivers for the markets that […]