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Fairview Commercial Lending is a privately funded hard money (private money) commercial & residential lender with an A+ rating with the BBB. We have been in business for over 25 years specializing in non-conventional commercial and residential loans. The partners have over 100 years of commercial real-estate lending experience and have been lending since 1975. This depth of knowledge and experience allows us flexibility to fund loans quickly that many others would never consider. With our depth of lending experience, Fairview has more than likely encountered a scenario similar to yours. Farview’s goal is to make “common sense” loans to borrowers/ businesses that don’t fit the traditional lending mold for whatever reason.

Fairview is a Hard Money / Private Money Lender

As banks and other institutional lenders continue the strict underwriting guidelines put in place during the recession, many loans are unable to be funded through traditional avenues. If a borrower has a non-bankable loan for whatever reason there are options available. Fairview specializes in helping clients with unique situations that require creative funding solutions.

Fairview has funded thousands of residential and commercial loans that do not quite fit conventional lending requirements. Since Fairview is privately funded, they have flexibility to think outside the box in order to make loans that fit the borrower’s requirements.

What causes a borrower or property to need a Hard Money Loan?

  1. Property/borrower not plain vanilla: Conventional lenders are still funding loans. There focus is primarily on A paper transactions that are extremely clean. If a transaction is not a plain vanilla transaction either due to the property or borrower, many banks are unwilling to provide financing
  2. Credit issues: As a result of the downturn, many borrowers have minor credit issues. For example they might have lost a tenant resulting in reduced cash flow which ultimately led to a late payment on or they have late payments on credit cards, house loans, or other items
  3. Timing: The conventional loan process is very lengthy. Borrowers are required to produce considerable backup information on tax returns, appraisals, etc… his process can easily take 60 days+ (> 90 on many commercial transactions) and many times considerably more time
  4. Underperforming asset: As a result of the economic downturn, there are a number of properties not performing to their full potential. For example on many properties rental rates have been adjusted considerably in order to keep a tenant or attract a new tenant. This reduced rent when factored into the income approach can drastically change the property valuation
  5. Discounts: We have recently financed a number of borrowers that had current loans with a bank. These borrowers no longer fit the banks guidelines and were offered substantial discounts in order to pay off their loan. We have seen discounts from 10-40%
  6. Hard Money is cheaper than borrowing money other ways: Many times bridge lending is a cheaper alternative for a small business or individual than other financing methods. As a result of the economy, many individuals have turned to credit cards, business inventory/receivables factoring, and other methods in order to finance their needs. These are expensive financing tools when borrowers fall out of traditional bank lending criteria.

Above are just a few of the many reasons a loan may not fit traditional lending guidelines. Fortunately Fairview is here to help. With our depth of lending experience, Fairview has more than likely encountered a scenario similar to yours. Fairview specializes in helping borrowers with their unique scenarios in order to fund their transaction.

Fairview can help clients that do not fit traditional financing guidelines. We specialize in:

  1. Creative approaches to lending in order to get loans funded
  2. Equity-based commercial and residential lending
  3. Fast closings with minimal paperwork
  4. Fairview lends its own cash and therefore is able to provide honest answers quickly
  5. There are never any upfront fees


Fairview is different than other hard money lenders. Most lenders require appraisals and non-refundable deposits up front for due-diligence; these fees can run upwards of thousands of dollars. Fairview Commercial Lending does not require any fees up front since we underwrite and fund loans in house.

Since we are privately funded we can respond quickly and efficiently to loan requests. There is no loan committee to delay your approval process. Most preliminary commitments are issued within as little as 24 hours.

Fairview Commercial Lending is actively seeking funding opportunities.

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