Best Colorado Ski Town Investments

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Colorado Living, Colorado Real Estate values

Colorado Ski town investment

I recently read an article from Realty Trac on the 18 best ski town bargains.  In Colorado three towns qualified: Crested Butte, Aspen Highlands, and Georgetown (see full list: ).  Unfortunately I would partially disagree with their list. I have done loans in every ski town in Colorado and spend quite a bit of time inspecting mountain properties (I actually keep snow tires on my subaru for 9 months of the year with the amount of mountain driving I do).

On the realty track list I would strongly disagree as I don’t see Aspen Highlands or Georgetown as bargains or the best Colorado ski town investments.  They were right on Crested butte; it  is definitely a bargain.  You can get a condo on the slopes for under 300k. The two towns that should be substituted on the list  are Winter Park and Steamboat Springs.  Both Winter Park and Steamboat are much more affordable and considerably better bargains than the 1-70 corridor (and as a bonus you get to miss allot of the I 70 traffic). Three other towns from an affordability perspective to be considered are:  Nederland (just west of boulder adjacent to Eldora), Pagosa Springs (in the SW part of the state and just outside of the Wolf Creek ski resort), and the least expensive is Granby ranch (just north of Winter Park).  Happy investing in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.  If you need more info, feel free to give me a call to discuss your particular situation (303..459…6061)


Here is the full article from Realty Trac:

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written by Glen Weinberg: COO/Partner Fairview Commercial Lending

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