Colorado Hard Money Lending Secretes to success

by | Nov 29, 2010 | CO hard money, Colorado Hard Money, Denver Hard Money, Denver hard money Lenders, Denver Private Lending

Glen Weinberg will be publishing an article in January in the Colorado Real Estate Journal (  Glen is recognized throughout Colorado and the Denver metro area as a leader in hard money lending.  The upcoming article will answer the following questions.  It is a must read for any Colorado hard money borrower or broker.

  1. What is Colorado hard money lending?
  2. What are the reasons that loans fall out of traditional underwriting guidelines that necessitate a hard money loan?
  3. How is a Colorado hard money lender able to close a loan that a traditional lender cannot?
  4. What is an example of a recent hard money transaction?
  5. What are the key criteria for a hard money loan?
  6. What is typical pricing for a Colorado hard money transaction?
  7. What should borrowers/brokers be aware of before utilizing a Colorado Hard Money Loan?

All these questions and more will be answered in the upcoming article.  In the interim if you need information on a Colorado hard money loan; please contact us at 303..459..6061

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