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Colorado hard money resources

Fairivew Lending (www.fairviewlending) is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of an article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal  (  Fairview is recognized within the hard money industry as the expert on non-conventional lending.  The upcoming hard money article in the Colorado real estate journal will discuss the following topics:

  1. Key reasons loans fall out of conventional lending parameters
  2. How Colorado hard money lenders are able to close loans that others cannot
  3. Typical Colorado hard money loan process
  4. Typical Colorado hard money loan structure: pricing, terms, etc…
  5. Appropriate times to use Colorado hard money
  6. OtherColorado hard money resources

This article is a must read and will be published in the January edition of the Colorado Real Estate Journal.  More information on Colorado hard money can be found at or by calling 303…459.6061

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