Start the New Year off right by helping your clients close more loans. Fairview already has two loans already in closing for 2011. As all of you know, 2010 was a wild year in the real estate market. Bank lending was still tough unless the transaction was as clean as a whistle. Many deals did not fund last year due to the tightened lending standard. Fortunately alternative lenders like Fairview are filling a void left by conventional lenders. In 2010 we closed a number of transactions both in Denver and throughout Colorado. We are still only lending our own money and are able to fund transactions that are outside of conventional lending. Below are some of the more out of the box deals we have closed (more details on our programs can be found at
1. Cash out refinance on a warehouse in Denver: the primary tenant was a non credit tenant, need cash quickly for other ventures
2. Cash out refinance on an investment home in Denver: borrower had 520 credit, owned the property free and clear and needed money to take care of past bills
3. Refinance on an investment condo in Steamboat: Borrower had excellent credit but unable to obtain conventional financing since the property was in a nightly rental pool
These are just a few of the hundreds of transactions we have funded. We do not charge any upfront fee. When you contact me, I will always provide and honest answer quickly. We are experts in lending in both Denver and throughout Colorado. Below are two articles that I found insightful regarding the residential and commercial markets in Denver
1. Denver was one of two metro areas that had increasing prices. Below is an excerpt of the article with the link to the story:
Eighteen of 20 cities showed a decrease in prices in October, led by a 2.1 percent drop in Atlanta, and decreases of 1.8 percent in Chicago and Minneapolis. Denver and Washington were the only two that posted gains. Full article at:
2. Investment in commercial real estate in Denver doubles over 2009. This is definitely a good sign that some of the commercial sectors are beginning to rebound off their lows. Below is a link to the Denver post article with the full story:

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