Fairview is pleased to announce yet another Denver hard money closing.  The property was a single family investment property.  The borrower had some substantial credit dings and need cash quickly to pay off other bills.  The borrower owned the property free and clear and had it leased to tenants.  Fairview closed the loan within a week.  There were no upfront fees or prepayment penalties.  Fairview was able to structure the Denver hard money loan for 3 years to give the borrower ample time to clean up their credit and be able to utilize a conventional lender.  Fairview is different than other hard money lenders.  The borrowers work directly with the decision makers and loans are closed quickly.  There are no games or upfront fees.  If you have a need for a hard money lender in Denver or throughout Colorado, give Fairview a call at 303..459.6061 or visit our website at www.cohardmoney.com.  For information on hard money lending in Chicago or Atlanta please visit: www.fairviewlending.com

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