I hope everyone has had a healthy and prosperous 2011. Fairview has closed hundreds of private/hard money loans this year both in Denver and throughout Colorado (below is just a small sample). Since Fairview is privately funded we are able to close loans quickly. All underwriting is done in house and we lend our own funds.
Due to our closing speed, there is still time to close your loan in 2011. Our process is simple. Call (303.459..6061) or e-mail me with details or fill out our one page application at www.cohardmoney.com .
There are no upfront fees or appraisals required. We can handle all credit situations since we underwrite on the property. We’ll give you an honest yes or no in 24 hours or less. Below are just a few of the hundreds of loan transactions we have funded.

. Denver, CO $250,000, warehouse. Borrower owned property free and
clear, he had cosigned on a loan with an associate and the transaction went south (took borrowers credit below 500), borrower needed funds quickly to take care of back taxes and credit card bills. Fairview funded a 5 year loan with no prepayment
. Englewood, CO $125,000, retail/office, Borrower needed working
capital funds quickly to buy merchandise for the holiday. Her current bank was unable to respond quick enough. Fairview closed the loan in under 10 days and gave the borrower a 3 year loan with no prepayment
. Evergreen, CO 205,000, single family home with acreage, borrower
owned a cabin on acreage near Evergreen. Borrower needed cash quickly to take care of other financial obligations. Borrower had credit in the low 400s. Fairview funded the 3 year loan in under a week
. Fort Collins, CO 175,000, single family investment townhome.
Borrower had negotiated a settlement with the IRS and needed funds quickly in order to obtain the discount. Fairview funded to loan and the borrower saved over 50,000 in fees/penalties

Above are just a few of the many hard money transactions we have closed in Colorado recently. We are able to fund on both investment single family homes as well as commercial properties. I look forward to assisting
you and your clients with their funding needs. Have a great Holiday



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