Denver hard money lending: The new game in town

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Denver Hard Money Lending: the new game in town

As I’m sure you have heard conventional lenders in Denver are not lending to most borrowers for various reasons.  To get a conventional loan in Denver borrowers have to jump through many more hoops for a very straightforward loan.  If a borrower cannot fully show their income there is no hope with a conventional lender.  For example if someone were self employed they can almost forget a conventional loan.  What is a borrower to do that is financially capable of a loan?

Denver Hard Money Lenders:

Denver Hard Money lenders are no longer the lenders of last resort.  They are one of the few groups with cash available to lend.  A hard money lender, since they are typically not backed by a bank, has the capability to do loans that conventional lenders no longer can fund.

How is Fairview different than other hard money lenders?

Denver Hard Money lending is the wild west of lending.  It is largely unregulated so borrowers & brokers need to beware.  Many Denver hard money lenders charge up front fees and basically make a large portion of their profit on these fees.  Fairview is different;   Fairview never charges upfront fees or other due diligence fees prior to loan commitment.  Fairview strictly lends its own money so when you call you talk directly to the lender.  Fairview has an office in Denver Colorado and underwrites all files locally.  One of the partner inspects every property prior to funding (no appraisals are required).  Fairview is a direct no nonsense lender that can close your loan quickly without the hoops of a conventional lender

What properties can Fairview make a hard money loan on?

Non owner occupied single family home and income producing commercial properties (office, retail, and light industrial properties)

How can I learn more about hard money lending?

Fairview has multiple websites with an abundance of information on hard money loans and hard money lenders: : General information on hard money lenders; hard money questions, and hard money information Denver Colorado hard money lenders and information about hard money lending in both Denver and throughout Colorado Atlanta Georgia hard money lenders and information about hard money lending in the Atlanta metro area

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