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It is hard to believe summer is drawing to a close in Denver and throughout Colorado with the temperatures soaring into the high 90’s. I hope each of you have had a prosperous and relaxing summer. I’m definitely looking forward to fall and some cooler weather. I wanted to send out a quick e-mail to highlight our Private lending programs in Colorado. We are drastically different than other Denver hard money lenders/ Denver Private lenders. Our loan terms are as long as 5 years with no prepayment penalties or upfront fees. Below are details of our program along with some recent closings. Please call or e-mail if I can assist with anything or feel free to fill out our one page loan application ( )

Program Highlights:
• True Denver Private Lending product with no upfront fees or appraisals (we inspect all the properties and then put the transaction into closing)
• No credit minimums (borrower cannot be actively in Bankruptcy, but prior BK’s okay)
• No prepayment penalties
• Quick closings
• Cash out for any reason
• We only lend our own money and hold and service all of our loans
• We provide answers typically in less than 24 hours
• Loan terms up to 5 years (interest only, amortizing, etc… depending on the situation)
• Hard money/ Private money loans on Residential (non owner) and commercial properties throughout Colorado
• 50% Loan to Value
• Loans from 25k-400k
Recent Transactions
1. 175K loan on office building in Denver. Borrower ‘s tenant in the medical marijuana business. Closed the loan in under two weeks to give borrower cash flow for other business needs
2. 95k Single family in Aurora, CO. Borrower had a credit score of 495 with a prior foreclosure. Recently inherited the property and owned free and clear. Needed money quickly to take care of unpaid property taxes.
3. 150k Single Family in Englewood, CO. Borrower was a real estate investor. Had given one house back to the bank. Owned a rental property free and clear. Needed money to finish another project and buy out a partner
4. 125k commercial retail building in the foothills west of Denver. Borrower had a loan with a bank that went under. Bank offered borrower a discount if they were able to pay the loan off quickly. We closed in a week and a half and borrower got a 30% discount on outstanding principle balance.
5. 140k Steamboat Springs, CO, investment condo. Unable to get conventional financing since development had too many nightly rentals. Borrower lived out of state and had some credit dings. Needed cash quick to settle some credit card bills.
6. Above are just a few of the hundreds of recent closings; to see more examples: or call me at 303.459.6061 to discuss your specific transaction.

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