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Spring Skiing Colorado Style
    Happy spring to everyone.  Hopefully each of you is enjoying the nice change of seasons.  The past six months I’ve spent quite a bit of time inspecting and closing loans throughout the high country (along with Denver/front range) and I wanted to share an interesting picture.Last week I spent about a week on the western slope (Crested Butte, Montrose, Grand Junction, etc…) looking at loans.  We are different than many lenders in that we do not require appraisals so either myself or one my partners looks at every transaction (this adds up to over 30k miles a year on my subaru).  This allows us to close a loan typically in 10 days or less (many times in less than a week).  Throughout my journeys I’ve seen some odd stuff in the various nooks and crannies of Colorado.On my recent trip at Crested Butte, I was inspecting a condo to do a loan on when I looked out to the ski hill and saw a guy riding a unicycle up the mountain (no this is not a doctered photo).  He made it about halfway up the slope before he took a little tumble and started walking up the rest of the mountain.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see how the downhill would work out for him. I was most impressed at how he was taking full advantage of spring skiing 🙂

I’ve posted a number of recent blog entries on hard money lending and Colorado real estate.  Please take a look and keep me in mind for any non conventional lending needs you might have throughout Colorado.  I look forward to earning your business and closing your next hard money/private money loan



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