Happy Thanksgiving; is it occupied? Top Colorado ski town speed traps

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First, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.  I was driving towards Breckenridge and stuck in the Eisenhower tunnel before going down the pass when I took this picture. What does this mean (read more). I spend lots of “windshield time” throughout Colorado and wanted to help my fellow motorists by highlighting the top speed traps heading to Colorado ski towns.


As a private lender we lend our own funds and do not require appraisals since we look at every property.   I spend lots of “windshield time” throughout Colorado and wanted to put together a short list to help each of you on your Thanksgiving travels if they take you into the high country.  Here are the top speed traps on your way to Colorado Ski towns.

First, a little humor:

I was driving towards Breckenridge and stuck in traffic in the Eisenhower tunnel before going down the pass when I took this picture.    I suddenly see a sign flashing: ramp occupied (runaway ramp for trucks). How would you like to suddenly see this sign while heading down a mountain pass driving an 18-wheeler with a full load and you need to use the facilities (aka runaway ramp)?   Unfortunately, this isn’t like an airplane where you can hold it and wait for the facilities to become unoccupied when you have no brakes!

Top speed traps around Colorado ski towns.

I spend allot of time in the mountains looking at real estate so unfortunately, I have firsthand knowledge of all these locations.   I’m by no means recommending you speed.  First, as you are heading out, make sure you fire up the app: Waze to stay current on traffic and police sightings.  The list below isn’t meant to be all inclusive, just a heads up/reminder.  Feel free to add additional tips/locations in the comments

Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland

There are three primary speed traps to watch out for between Denver and the tunnel:

  1. Floyd Hill: they commonly sit on the bridge over i70 or on the on/off ramps
  2. Before Idaho Springs: As you go down towards Idaho springs, clear creek county loves to patrol this area
  3. Eisenhower tunnel. Entering and exiting the tunnel drops from a 65 to a 50 in a split second, they love to write tickets as you head out of the tunnel down the mountain

The alternate to i70:

If I70 is backed up and you are heading to Breckenridge you can also take 285 and come into Breckenridge over Hoosier pass

  1. Morrison, as you are heading up 285 past c470 as soon as you enter the curves you will see a Morrison police officer
  2. Bailey: as you head down towards bailey there are always police on the downhill and through town


  1. As you come down Rabbit ears pass the speed drops to 50 for 5 miles or so, the state patrol is always writing tickets coming into steamboat
  2. If you are passing through steamboat, immediately after you leave town is a state patrol office on your right, they routinely walk out the door and write tickets


  1. Immediately after you pass through Frisco there is a speed trap where patrol sits in the median just as you get into the curves


  1. As you come down Berthoud is a speed trap
  2. As you enter and exit winter park

Southern Resorts: If you head down towards crested butte or Telluride you can take 285

  1. When 285 dead ends in Johnson’s Corner between Salida and Buena vista it is one of the most well known speed traps in the area



  1. As you are heading down Vail pass
  2. As you exit Vail towards Edwards


  1. Close to Carbondale on 82


I hope everyone drives safe this Holiday season and has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with humor and hopefully no tickets!


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