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How to protest your Colorado Property taxes

How to protest your Colorado property taxes

Colorado is different than most other states. Properties are reassessed every odd number year in Colorado (for example 2011, 2013, etc… are reassessment years).  All CO counties are the same in their appeals process.  Below is a quick guide to property appeals in Colorado and how to appeal your residential and commercial property taxes.  At the bottom I also put a link to the metro Denver county  property assessor websites.  It is worthwhile to evaluate your property to make sure it is properly assessed. If your property is over assessed you are paying too much for taxes

Should you protest your property value?
There are many reasons that someone should protest their property values. First, if you purchased your property in the last three years and your assessment is higher than your purchase price an appeal should be filed. Next, if your property is overassessed from the 2011 assessment and appeal should be filed.

Can you protest your own taxes?
Yes, I have protested my own taxes successfully in multiple counties. It is typically a simple process on a residential property. On a commercial property, the process is more in depth but an owner can appeal their taxes. I would suggest a formal appeal be filed by the owner and then setup a meeting with the assessor to discuss your concerns

When does an appeal need to be filed by?
June 1 or the next business day if 6/1 falls on a weekend

How is the value of my property determined?
For a residential property prior year sales are utilized. For 2012 property values, the sales prices of homes similar to yours which sold between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2011, were studied. For a commercial property, along with the sales approach, the income and cost approach are also utilized. The county websites typically provide access to the sales that were utilized in the reappraisal process.

Are all counties in Colorado the same? Yes the assessment process is governed by state statute

How do I appeal my taxes?
Each county typically has a link on their website to forms that can be either filled out digitally or filled out and mailed in Jefferson county did a nice summary of the appeal process:

Are there other resources?
Below are some links to the county websites that have the forms for appeals, etc…
Denver County Assessor:
Arapahoe County Assessor:
Jefferson County Assessor:
Boulder County Assessor:
Douglas County Assessor:

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