Recent Denver Hard Money / Colorado hard money closings October 2011

Fairview is pleased to announce the closing of the following hard money transactions in Denver. Fairview is a private lender specializing in private loans both in Denver and throughout Colorado. We are true hard money lenders and lend on the value of the property as opposed to the borrower’s credit. We are able to lend on both commercial properties and non owner single family homes. Fairview is the leader in Denver hard money and Colorado hard money transactions. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and there are never any upfront fees required prior to closing. For more information on our Colorado hard money and Denver hard money products please visit or call 303..816.7357

1) Broomfield, CO townhome $95,000
a. Investment single family home
b. Borrower had credit score below 500
c. Owned property free and clear
d. Needed cash quickly to satisfy a judgment
2) Colorado Springs, CO office/retail $125,000
a. Borrower had spent substantial cash remodeling property in order to retenant it
b. Borrower needed cash to pay down high interest credit card debt
c. Needed a 3 year loan in order to allow ample time to stabilize property and get a conventional loan
3) Englewood, CO non-owner single family home $145,000
a. Borrower bought house and paid all cash
b. Needed funds for another project
c. Self employed so showed limited taxable income
4) Aurora, CO condo $20,000
a. Borrower bought condo in cash 3 months prior for use as a rental
b. Credit low 500’s
c. Needed cash for other business needs
d. Unable to obtain conventional financing due to credit

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