After last weeks announcement we could still close hard money transactions prior to year end. We had a number of loans inspected and set for closing this week. As always there are no upfront fees/inspection fees, etc.. prior to closing. I’m commonly asked how we can close loans so quickly. First, we do not require appraisals; we personally inspect every property and put our value on the property. This can typically be done in less than a couple of days depending on our schedule. Second, Fairview is a direct lender that lends its own money. We are not brokers and do not have to rely on third parties to make decisions (note: when looking at hard money lenders in Denver and Colorado make sure you are dealing with a direct lender like Fairview as opposed to a broker that will promise the moon and string you along). Since Fairview is a direct lender that underwrites in house we can close your Denver hard money transaction and Colorado hard money transaction quickly. For more information please visit or call 303..459.6061 to talk directly with the underwriter.

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