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New CO outlaws housing caps

Colorado is expensive (as shown above for Boulder) and the legislature thinks they once again have the answer.  In the last legislative session all eyes were focused on a sweeping land use proposal basically outlawing single family zoning which was…

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Top 3 front range real estate investments in Denver

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy, but surprisingly real estate throughout the front range has held up considerably better than almost anyone predicted.  With the economy still in tatters, what 3 cities in the Denver Front Range are…

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Boulder plunges 19%, Denver drops 10%, buy Greeley?

Location Inc, founded by Andrew Schiller (he accurately predicted the last real estate bust), came out with new real estate predictions for the Northern Colorado Front Range.  According to recent models, Boulder will plunge by 19% by 2022 while Greeley…

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Longmont real estate precedent will cost you lots of $$$

Longmont, in Boulder county Colorado, is setting some interesting real estate precedents that could impact the rest of Colorado.  This precedent will be far reaching and will be very expensive not only for residents of Longmont but throughout the state. …

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