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Colorado bans real estate showings, 1k fine

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy.  Fortunately, our new “employee” Luna continues her hard work unfazed by the Coronavirus 😊  The Colorado Attorney General’s office issued a letter that effectively prohibits real estate property showings.…

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Credit union in CO predicts the next recession is imminent

Although the credit union didn’t officially announce the next recession in their advertising, their actions speak louder than words!  A credit union in Colorado announced they are offering 100% no money down mortgages.   “We are looking for a way for…

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Recent Supreme court ruling impacts Colorado Real Estate

The recent U.S. supreme court ruling sets one of the biggest precedents in recent history that will impact Colorado considerably beyond the case decided.  The supreme court recently ruled 6-3 that states can legalize gambling.  Why should Colorado care?  How…

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Colorado realtors in for a rough 2018

Colorado continues to be one of the fastest growing states and Denver remains one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  Realtors should be rejoicing, but all this growth has a dark side.  How could 2018 be tough for…

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