Colorado Hard Money Loan Parameters

Denver, Colorado Hard Money: Loan Parameters

Fairview Commercial Lending, with offices in Denver, Colorado, is different than banks and traditional lenders. We are privately funded and hold all Colorado hard money loans / bridge loans in our portfolio. We solely lend our own funds and underwrite all deals in house. We work with brokers and direct borrowers to fund loans quickly with no upfront fees.  As a result, we can quickly close difficult Colorado hard money loans that most other lenders would turn down. Since we are local we have the expertise to understand the various submarkets throughout the state of Colorado and can structure the lending transaction to fit your specific needs.  We are not relying on outside appraisers since we underwrite ever transaction in our Colorado office to ensure we can fund the loan. Fairview is the leading local Denver, Colorado private hard money lender providing loans throughout the state.




  • Individuals, Corporations, Trusts, Estates, LLC’s, Partnerships, etc.
  • Credit Impaired: no credit minimums; equity driven
  • No income verification
  • Foreclosure Ok / Bankruptcy Ok


  • Agricultural Land
  • Commercial Land (pad sites, etc..)
  • Residential (investment) and Commercial Properties
  • Commercial hard money property types: Mixed-Use, Office, Apartment, Retail, Light Industrial, Warehouse, Mini-warehouse, Others considered
  • Residential hard money property types: non owner investment properties
  • Condos, vacation rentals, second home rentals, etc…
  • Non-cash flow producing properties okay
  • Owner occupied commercial properties okay
  • Marijuana properties grow, retail, land, etc…
  • We lend throughout the state of Colorado, from the mountains to the front range and everywhere in between


  • Unlimited cash out for any reason – up to max LTV (60%)
  • Borrow against properties listed for sale or currently in default
  • True hard money lender emphasizing the value of the property as opposed to traditional bank guidelines like credit, income, etc…

Portfolio Lender

  • Creative approaches to Colorado Private Money Lending
  • In-house common sense underwriting
  • Quick turn-around without the headaches of traditional lenders
  • Typically, close in 5-10 days or less
  • In depth knowledge of the various real estate markets and submarkets throughout the state of Colorado

Loan Specifics

  • Loan Amounts: 25k (Denver metro only, outside metro min 50-150k depending on location) up to 3 million
  • Upfront fees: none
  • Appraisals: none; we underwrite in house and look at each property
  • Loan terms up to 15 years flexible amortizations up to 30 years or interest only
  • Prepayment penalties: none in Colorado
  • We lend our own funds and will structure a transaction to meet your specific needs

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