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Property tax bomb awaiting Denver  

  Denver office vacancy exceeds 30% for first time since 1990’s In 2019 office vacancy stood around 16%, lower than the national average.  Fast forward and Denver office vacancy has almost doubled to over 30%.  Why is the vacancy rate…

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Copper and Keystone outperform Breckenridge, why?

Over the last several years both Keystone and Copper Mountain have appreciated at almost double the rate of Breckenridge.  Why the sudden change in fate for Copper Mountain and Keystone?  What big changes occurred in governmental regulations to cause the…

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Second homeowners charged higher property taxes in Colorado

Although HH, the Colorado tax reduction initiative was ultimately defeated, there was one profound item in the legislation that will have far reaching impacts.  One of the biggest changes in the proposal is that second homeowners (non-primary residents) are now…

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